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Bismillaah بسم الله…In the Name of God

Assalaamu 3alaikum السّلام عليكم…Peace be with you

Marhaba bi-kum مرحبًا بكم/Hello to you all:),

This morning, I’d like to continue on with my blog post series based on Arabic prepositions (huroof al-jarr حُرُوْفُ الجَرِّ), InshaaAllah إن شاء الله (God willing);)! If you missed out on my older posts relating to Arabic prepositions, please refer to these links:

Arabic Preposition List- 5

Qabla قبل- before (earlier than) e.g. You should finish your homework before dinner.

Qabla قبل- before (preceding in order) e.g. The letter ‘b’ comes before the letter ‘c’/Ya’tee harful-baa’ qabla harfit-taa’ يأتي حرف الباء قبلَ حرفِ التّاء.

Qabla قبل- before (preceding in order) e.g. We will order appetizers before dinner/Sa-naTlubu muqabbilaat(in) qablal-‘ashaa’(i) سنطلب مقبّلاتٍ قبلَ العشاءِ.

Qabla قبل- by (time: not later than) e.g. You must have the report done by Monday.

Qabla قبل- of (time: before, to) e.g. It’s five minutes of three o’clock.

Qabla قبل- ahead of (before, prior to) e.g. Thank goodness we finished that project ahead of the deadline.

Qabla قبل- previous to (before, prior to) e.g. Previous to the purchase of his new car, he’d always walked to work.

Qabla قبل- prior to (before, earlier than) e.g. Prior to moving to Paris, I couldn’t speak a word of French.


Ba’da بَعْدَ- after (time: later) e.g. We can discuss it more after lunch.

Ba’da بَعْدَ- in addition to

Ba’da بَعْدَ- beside

Ba’da بَعْدَ-  aside from

Ba’da بَعْدَ- following (after in time) e.g. Following this show is the news (after this presentation is the news)/Ba’da haadhal-‘arDhil-akhbaar(u) بَعْدَ هذا العرضِ الأخبار.

Ba’da بَعْدَ- after (next in series) e.g. The letter ‘c’ comes after the letter ‘b’/Ya’tee harfut-taa’ ba’da harfil-baa’ يأتي حرف التّاء بعد حرفِ الباء.


Hattaa حتّى- until (onward to a time) e.g. They read until bedtime.

Hattaa حتّى- up to (until, as far as)

Hattaa حتّى- up till, up ‘til (until, up to)

Hattaa حتّى- till

Hattaa حتّى-  as far as

Hattaa حتّى- as at (as it stands on: a given date)

Hattaa حتّى- up until (in the time before) e.g. Up until today this has never been a problem.


'An عَنْ- about, be about (have as subject) e.g. This book is about a king who loses his crown (this/the book talks about a king who loses his crown)/Yatahaddathul-kitaab(u) 'an malik(in) yafqidu taaja-hu يتحدّث الكتابُ عَنْ مَلِكٍ يفقد تاجَهُ.

'An عَنْ- for (in somebody's place, instead of somebody) e.g. I don't want to do his work for him.

'An عَنْ- from (distinction, exclusion) e.g. She was separated from her children for days.

'An عَنْ- of (separation) e.g. He was deprived of his turn.

'An عَنْ- with (separate from) e.g. He parted with his spouse of twenty years.

'An عَنْ- off (no longer covering) e.g. The lid fell off of the jar, and onto the floor.

'An عَنْ- concerning (about) e.g. She wrote a letter concerning the problem (issue)/Katabat risaalatan 'an al-mawDhoo'(i) كَتَبَتْ رسالةً عَن الموضوعِ.

'An عَنْ- away from

'An عَنْ- from (designating the source)

'An عَنْ- on (a topic)


'Inda عِنْدَ- by (close: beside, near to) e.g. The keys are by the door over there/Toojadul-mafaateeh(u) hunaaka 'indal-baab(i) توجد المفاتيح هناك عِنْدَ البابِ.

'Inda عِنْدَ- on (at the moment of) e.g. They started to get lost on entering the city.

'Inda عِنْدَ- by (close: around) e.g. There's a drinking fountain by the tennis court.

'Inda عِنْدَ- at e.g. Could we meet at the hotel?/Hal yumkin an naltaqee 'indal-funduq(i)? هل يمكن أنْ نلتقى عِنْدَ الفندقِ 

'Inda عِنْدَ- near e.g. *Near the house/'Indal-bait(i) عِنْدَ البيتِ.

*’Indal-bait(i) عِنْدَ البيتِ= at the house

'Inda عِنْدَ- with

'Inda عِنْدَ- on (of place, time and possession)


Bi-jiwaar بِجوار- next (nearest to) e.g. The police station is next to the hospital (the police station is located next to the hospital)/Yaqa’u maqarrush-shurTati bi-jiwaaril-mustashfaa يقع مقرُّ الشّرطةِ بِجوار المستشفى.

Bi-jiwaar بِجوار- next to (beside) e.g. My friend’s house is next to yours (the house of my friend is next to your house)/Manzil(u) Sadeeqee bi-jiwaar manzilik(a/i) منزلُ صديقي بِجوار منزلِكَِ.

Bi-jiwaar بِجوار- in the neighbourhood/neighborhood of

Bi-jiwaar بِجوار- in the vicinity of

Bi-jiwaar بِجوار- near

Bi-jiwaar بِجوار- close to


Mundhu منذ- from (time: starting point) e.g. He was interested in planes from his early childhood/Kaana ma’niyan biT-Taa’iraat(i) mundhu Sighari-hi كان معنيًا بالطّائرات منذ صِغَرِهِ.

Mundhu منذ- from (oppression) e.g. They were freed from slavery in 1865.

Mundhu منذ- since (continuously from) e.g. He has always worn a watch since then (he always carries a watch since that time)/Inna-hu yahmil(u) saa’atan daa’iman mundhu dhaalikal-heen إنّه يحمل ساعةً دائمًا منذ ذلك الحين.

Mundhu منذ- for e.g. For a month (past), since one month ago; a month ago/Mundu shahr(in) منذ شهرٍ. 

Mundhu منذ- ago e.g. A few days ago; for the past few days/Mundhu ayyaam(in) منذ أيّامٍ.


Sources and Further Reading:

Okay guys, the above is the completion of my list of Arabic prepositions :-). The first five lists of Arabic prepositions were gathered from my old Arabic textbooks. In the future, I will add more Arabic prepositions from language websites, InshaaAllah إن شاء الله (If God wills), for the while you guys can digest this set. If you have any questions on this topic, please feel free to ask me and I will try my best to answer them properly. Wassalaam 3alaikum و السّلام عليكم…and Peace be with you :-h

I wish you a safe and happy weekend!!! ;-)

Sam سام

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