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Bismillaah بسم الله…In the Name of God

Assalaamu ‘alaikum السّلام عليكم…Peace be unto you

Feliz sábado/Happy Saturday Readers:),

On this precious evening, I’d like to take the time to bring to you, yet another Arabic word :-). This word deals with a person who expresses the sense of words, or writing in another language. In English, this word begins with the letter “?”. Please, fill in the blank space, jus’ kidding. We will soon find out the answer in the following paragraphs, InshaaAllah إن شاء الله/*Si Dios quiere!

*Si Dios quiere= God willing (Sp.)

Arabic Word: “Mutarjim مترجم”

The word: “mutarjim مترجم” is an Arabic noun إسم. It is the masculine form of the noun: “mutarjimah مترجمة”. Both these nouns mean: “translator” (somebody who interprets written language), or ”interpreter” in English. The plural of “mutarjim مترجم” is, “mutarjimoon(a) مترجمون”, and the plural of “mutarjimah مترجمة” is, “mutarjimaat مترجمات”.

Side note:

I apologise for my punctuation.

The Root of the Arabic Noun: “Mutarjim/Mutarjimoon(a) مترجم/مترجمون”

The root of the Arabic noun: “mutarjim/mutarjimoon(a) مترجم/مترجمون” are the letters: taa’ ت-raa’ ر-jeem ج-meem م. Two other words falling under this root include:

  • "tarjama/yutarjim(u) ترجم/يترجم"- to translate (something from one language to another); to interpret verb e.g. She translates legal documents into Portuguese.
  • "tarjamah/tarjamaat ترجمة/ترجمات"- translation/s (document produced; act of translating); interpretation/s fem. noun

What is the Arabic Word for: “*Biographer”?

The Arabic word for: “biographer” (writer of somebody’s life story) is, “mutarjim hayaah/hayaat مترجم حياة”, or “kaatib seerah كاتب سيرة”. “Mutarjim hayaah مترجم حياة” literally means: “the interpreter of life”, and “kaatib seerah كاتب سيرة” literally means: “the writer of a biography”.


n. one who writes biographies (written account of a person’s life)

Sources and Further Reading:

Okay, guys that’s it! :-) Until the next blog post, InshaaAllah إن شاء الله! Stay well, Wassalaam ‘alaikum و السّلام عليكم


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